"Your Life Matters"

Your life matters, yes it does. Don't NEVER let anyone make you feel like you don't matter...YES...yes your life does matters, and their is greatness on the inside of you...No matter your hardship, your down falls, no matter your losses..... just remember you can Get back up again ..only if you want to achieve something in your life. Now I see people day by day who don't what to move on in their lives, it's only because there wasn't any positive words or positive motivation going on around them.

So it was the devil job to keep that person in the negative and not in the positive. Well, you came to the right place, I'm here to let you know that God sent his son "JESUS CHRIST" on earth so that "WE" as a whole can have life & have it more abundantly on earth. Don't get swallow up-meaningto take someone or something in so that it is destroyed or no longer independent. People will keep you beneath them, especially if they see GOD in you, and they feel like you doesn't see it. It's the devil that's within them to keep you beneath them so that you want have room to grow or come out of the situation that you are in. The devil loves to uses people, as a habitation to form his evil demonic spirits on GOD'S chosen people it is very important for a person to stay connected to GOD'S power, so that the attacks from Satan want pull you down.

Strongholds such as.. Your Mind, Your Emotions, Your Stay Place, Your Spiritual Life & Your Activities.

Stronghold means in HebrewA stronghold is a defensive structure: Psalms 9:9 The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. misgav; properly, a cliff (or other lofty or inaccessible place); figuratively, a refuge:--defense, high fort (tower), refuge.

Stronghold in Greek Meansοχυρό {n} stronghold (also: bunker, citadel, fort)

Stronghold definition:

A fortified place or a fortress. The definition of a stronghold is a place that has been secured tightly in case of attack, or a place where a particular belief or ideology is firmly believed and staunchly defended.

GOD wants to secure you, to protect you from the wiles of the enemy. He has tuck you in by his grace through JESUS CHRIST who has made us whole on the cross through his grace and mercy.

Satan will try to trick you by giving you things that he feels like you need such as, "money, clothes, food..etc.

Don't be trick, stay strong in every season of your life, WHY? ... Because if GOD has chosen you, then you have to learn to be patient in waiting on the LORD.

Always remember you can get get back up again, your thoughts have power, used your thoughts in a positive way because life challenges happens to everybody in their lives some point or another.

Don't downgrade yourself because of what happen to you, always pray & keep your head up and ask GOD to remove those burdens away from your life so that you can achieve what GOD has ordained for your life. Never let people keep you beneath them, you are strong, there is greatness on the inside of you let GOD show you what he has design for your future. 

Say this everyday to yourself with "Power & Authority":

* I'm braver than I was before, I'm a believer, I'm stronger than I was before and smarter than I was on yesterday.

* Theses negative walls that was in my life that came to tear me down to life issues; yet I'm stronger for your walls only made me a bigger believer in CHRIST JESUS & my strength is powerful than it was before, for I can do all things in Christ which strengthens me.

* I'm rebuilding myself and my future.

* Success is not only at my door steps, but It has moved into my life.

* No more will my finances be broken, Today I Declare Supernatural Finances for my life & my cup is runneth over like a world-wind...

* I will attract what I believe for my life.

* For I will not be afraid, because I believe their is something wonderful coming to my life.. speedily, magnificent & GOD giveth.



Thank you! Remember that your life matters!!!!!

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